The Memoirs of Pauline Fraser: Tap Dancer, Spy Catcher,
WWII War Bride, Restaurateur
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   The Secrets and Recipes of the     Beef Steak Inn is the second memoir of Pauline Fraser Bianucci as told to author Louise Brass. 

Ray Bianucci, with wife Pauline and their son, opened the Beef Steak Inn in the 1950s and operated it for twenty-two years.  The Secrets and Recipes of the Beef Steak Inn tells the inside story of starting a restaurant from scratch, from Pauline’s humorous point of view, and includes dozens of recipes (some from her homeland of England).  

She was a tap dancer, revue artist and spy tracker in London during the Second World War, while dodging the relentless bombing raids by the Luftwaffe.  Pauline’s WWII experiences are detailed in her memoir: Presenting Pauline, I Was a Dancer, as told to Louise Brass.  

After the war, Ray and Pauline, as husband and wife, began a whole new, challenging adventure—operating a restaurant, the Beef Steak Inn, just outside of Chicago, at the dawn of the Space Age and at the start of a newly invigorated postwar economy.

Presenting Pauline is the story of one young woman's courage as she witnessed her world slipping into a very dangerous era. Pauline Fraser set out to be a tap dancer on the London stage, never dreaming that she would cross paths with some great military leaders of World War II, brilliant Hollywood stars and enemy spies.

      The Secrets and Recipes of the Beef Steak Inn             
The Secrets and Recipes of the Beef Steak Inn